Why is Better Buddies better?

Better Buddies is based on research
Better Buddies was developed and refined on the basis of research into buddy systems conducted by the Foundation. There had been virtually no Australian research into this until the Foundation's study.

Better Buddies fosters positive relationships

Better Buddies focuses directly on the systematic development of positive relationships between buddies.
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Better Buddies aims to reduce bullying

Better Buddies aims to reduce bullying behaviour through the development of empathy, pro-social values and positive pro-social relationships between children of different ages. Strong positive connections between children discourage antisocial behaviour.

Better Buddies teaches 'pro-social' values and skills

Better Buddies directly teaches important 'pro-social' values and skills - that is, values and skills that help children to realise the effects that their behaviours can have on other people and to empathise with others. These values and skills contribute to friendships and other social relationships.
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Better Buddies incorporates a wide and engaging range of buddy activities

Better Buddies contains a wide range of engaging buddy activities prepared by teachers for teachers. These cover different curriculum areas.

Better Buddies provides a training package for older buddies

Better Buddies features a specific training program for older buddies that can be implemented by teachers within the school.
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Better Buddies also has its own special mascot

The mascot of the Better Buddies program is Buddy Bear, a fun-loving and caring purple teddy bear that all children can relate to. Buddy Bear represents the values of the Framework - friendliness, respect and care for other people, the including of others, the accepting of differences and taking responsibility.

Why schools choose the Better Buddies Framework

Most Australian schools implement some sort of Buddy System with their students, so why should schools introduce the Better Buddies Framework?

  • 98 per cent of principals at Better Buddies schools believe the Framework has benefited their school.
  • 99 per cent of teachers at Better Buddies schools believe Better Buddies has benefited both the older and younger buddies.

Here is what some teachers had to say:

"Better Buddies and Buddy Bear provide structure and a program based on values. Better Buddies supports staff to develop buddies with a greater focus. Better Buddies provides a resource pack for teachers new to Better Buddies to read and gain an understanding of a Buddy Program with fantastic activity ideas."

"Better Buddies links to other programs in schools, such as Tribes and it links to the community through the NAB involvement."

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