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How do I get my child’s school involved in Better Buddies?

Speak to your child’s teacher and provide a link to the website so your child’s teacher can view the material and register their interest in being involved.

How does Better Buddies address bullying behaviour?

Better Buddies builds strong and unique relationships between the younger and older students. Students feel valued, supported and connected to their school. As Better Buddies values 'spill' into the school yard more positive behaviours occur leading to changes in the culture of the school to help reduce bullying behaviour.

How do I get my child to talk to me about bullying?

  • Build up an atmosphere where your child feels comfortable talking about good and bad things at school.
  • Listen to your child 
  • Validate their feelings by letting them know it is okay to be sad, scared, angry, etc.  
  • Ask your child about their school day in a non threatening way. For example, if you take your child to school or spend time travelling to and from school with your child, make use of the travel time to talk about some difficult issues.
  • Let your child know that they are not to blame.
  • When your child talks to you it is important to be very calm and listen.  Remember that while your child is talking to you they are safe.  If you respond in an angry manner and call or go up to your child's school this will not help address the matter and your child may not be encouraged to talk to you further. 

What tips can I give my child to help stop this from happening?

  • Ask your child if they have tried to stop the bullying.
  • Try to avoid the student/students causing the problem.
  • Spend time in the playground in a different place.
  • Ask to play in a group game away from the trouble spots.

How do I get my child to find new friends?

  • Ask your child to invite a friend home to play or to attend a special activity.
  • Involve your child in an activity that they will enjoy outside of school.

How do I speak to my child’s school?

  • Remember that schools want your child to be a member of the school community too.
  • Share your concerns and information about bullying incidents with the most appropriate person at the school for your child.  
  • Work with school staff to help your child deal with the issue of bullying. 
  • Work with the school to plan for the coming days for your child at school so their safety is assured.
  • Work with the school to develop a plan of action for your child to dealing with any possible future incidents.

How do I get my child to seek help at school?

  • Ask your child who they feel they are the most comfortable with in their school.
  • Encourage your child to speak to this person and to seek help.

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