Why use Better Buddies for reading activities?

1 - Why use Better Buddies for reading activities?There has been extensive research into buddy reading programs, that has provided overwhelming evidence that peer-to-peer reading has a number of benefits for younger and older students.

“Motivation skyrocketed…” said one teacher who participated in a study by Ellen Friedland and Kim Truesdell.

The study provides suggestions to ensure the success of buddy reading sessions and concluded that buddy reading programs were easy to implement and fostered positive growth in students, both socially and academically.

You can read more about their study here: Kids Reading Together: Ensuring The Success of a Buddy Reading Program which appeared in The Reading Teacher, Vol. 58, No. 1 pp. 76-79 (2006).

The advantages of a buddy reading program for younger students include them feeling safe and happy, as well as demonstrating improved engagement in reading. For older buddies, it can help them develop improved self-esteem, confidence reading and increased cognitive awareness.

You can read more about the advantages in the paper by Jasmin Tiessen and Dawn Dust: Building Literacy Skills Through Reading Buddies a research report for the Dr Stirling McDowell Foundation, 2006.

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