Transition and Better Buddies

It is important to remember how effective Better Buddies is during this crucial transition time for students. Designed to support students and teachers during this period, the implementation of Better Buddies begins at the start of the year and should be built on throughout the year ahead.

Our research has shown that taking time to implement Better Buddies and identifying a structure that best fits your school is very important. This provides students, teachers and parents with the opportunity to become familiar with Better Buddies and implement the Framework in stages. These stages help support you to embed the Framework into your school’s processes and procedures.

Professional Reading

At this time of year, we are looking to support new students as they transition to school, but also other students as they transition into new classes, with new teachers and peers. Scott Lee from the Australian Catholic University, along with Garry Goh from University of Otago, researched the use of ‘Children’s Authentic Learning, Construction Play and Pretend Play’ in transition and found these activities achieved successful cognitive and affective outcomes for children starting school.

Louise Bourne, a Kindergarten teacher from New Zealand, wrote A Story of Transition to School which documents considerations made to support children with special needs as they transition to school.

Transition Activities

We have several activity ideas for you to do with your new buddy pairs:

  • Buddy School Scavenger Hunt
  • Buddy Bingo
  • Picture Pairs
  • Buddy Photo
  • Buddy Story

Click here to access details on each activity. 


Better Buddies
Better Buddies