Every Friday, buddies from Perseverance Primary School on French Island in Victoria, travel by ferry to Crib Point Primary School in the Mornington Peninsula to participate in a ‘socialisation program’.

This unique program has been running for five years, however since becoming a Better Buddies school in 2011, teachers at Crib Point Primary School have been able to enhance the educational experience by incorporating Better Buddies values and activities for the Perseverance students.

Perseverance Primary School is an extension of Crib Point Primary School with Principal, Lisa Vandenbosch, administering both schools.The school retains its own school council and sense of identity, while being part of a larger entity that provides educational and social advantages.2 - Ferry

“Since joining Better Buddies in 2011, buddies from both schools have thoroughly enjoyed participating in the Framework,” Lisa said.

“Better Buddies enhances their socialisation program, improves social interaction between students and increases the opportunity to build friendships.

“During the weekly meetings, students from both schools participate in a range of activities that complement the values of the Better Buddies Framework, including caring for others, friendliness, respect, valuing difference, including others and responsibility.

“The students from Perseverance Primary School are allocated to classrooms at Crib Point Primary School on a Friday and participate in that school’s classroom routines. The students attend music and physical education sessions on a Friday and participate in the Better Buddies activities when they are scheduled."

The buddies from Perseverance Primary School also demonstrate to the Crib Point Primary School students the Better Buddies values.

“The grade five and six students adore presenting their prep buddies with the purple Buddy Bear as a symbol of their commitment to looking after and caring for them. The students form strong bonds as they work through a range of activities during the year that complement the school’s existing values program,” Lisa said.

“We also hold Better Buddies days where children are paired up to complete activities, such as kite making and flying, creating picture story books, displays and much more. We have had the year five and six students making beds for the Buddy Bears with their prep buddies.

“The main focus for our Better Buddies program has been the relationship between the year five and six children and their prep buddies. We are looking to expand this into more regular interaction between other year level groups.”

Better Buddies
Better Buddies