School profile: Innisfail State School, QLD

Better Buddies was implemented early this year at Innisfail State School, in Queensland, with the support and guidance from Community Participation Officer, Carrie Smith and Chaplain, Mark.

A small group of year 6/7 leaders were chosen to work with children in the younger year levels. Both Carrie and Mark matched children’s strengths and abilities to further develop positive relationships within the school and community and build individual students’ resilience.

The older buddies have already participated in leadership workshops in which they brainstormed what it meant to be a good buddy. Innisfail State School held a Meet and Greet Day and also made a connection between Better Buddies and Harmony Day. In Term One, they held a purple, free-dress day to raise awareness of the program.

Principal, Tania Kaitara said, “We are expecting a positive flow on effect with this program in relation to increased positive behaviour which aligns with our School Wide Positive Behaviour Program and positive One-School incidents. Our community and P&C fully support this program.”

She also wanted to thank all of the staff at Innisfail, including Carrie Smith, for continually seeking to further develop their students and make them active citizens in the community. As part of Better Buddies Games, buddies from Innisfail State School are planning to visit the local PCYC to try out a range of different sports such as gymnastics and basketball.

1 - School profile: Innisfail State School, QLD

Better Buddies
Better Buddies