Transition and resilience resources

Transition is an important component of the Better Buddies program, it is essential that all your little buddies feel comfortable and your older buddies are ready to take on the challenge. A key lesson that will help with this process is teaching resilience – below we have listed some resources to help you teach social and emotional learning that will complement the work you are already doing with Better Buddies.

Resilience is one of the four key components to student wellbeing, as identified by Australian Catholic University’s report to the Department of Education (2008). The report quotes Helen McGrath and Toni Noble in defining resilience as, “the ability to cope and bounce back after encountering negative events, challenging tasks, difficult situations or adversity and to return to almost the same level of emotional wellbeing; the capacity to maintain a healthy and fulfilling life despite adversity and even be strengthened by the experience).”

McGrath and Noble’s Bounce Back! is an award-winning wellbeing and resilience evidence-based program for children which offers practical strategies to help students function well at school and in life. It involves resources for teachers, games and activities for students which can be integrated into many areas of the curriculum and also provides support for parents.

The Department of Education and Early Childhood learning (DEECD) has also developed a resource for School Transition and Resilience Training (START). It provides excellent activities for your older buddies to help them develop resilience and also prepare for their own transition into secondary school.

The Northern Territory Department of Education has also developed a module on Resilience-Staying Strong, containing activities and lesson plans designed specifically for Indigenous students from early to upper primary school age.

You can find many more resources to help your students to build resilience at the KidsMatter website, which provides proven methods, tools and support to help schools with students, parents and the wider community to nurture happy, balanced kids.

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