Professional Reading: Reflection

If you are looking for a way to reflect on the activities you have done this year, as part of Better Buddies, it might be worth comparing them to the NSW Department of Education and Training’s Quality Teaching Framework (QTF).

For those teachers from NSW, who are already familiar with the QTF, you might have already considered this. For those from interstate, the QTF presents three dimensions, Intellectual Quality, Quality Learning Environment and Significance, which contribute to high quality student learning outcomes. By reflecting on Better Buddies at your school, analysing it and identifying areas for improvement according to the elements of the QTF, you will be able to ensure your students are getting the best outcomes from Better Buddies Activities.

It will also reaffirm all of the positive things you are already doing in your pedagogy. Don’t forget to visit the Better Buddies website to get new ideas from schools all around the country.

While you’re reflecting on the year that was, send us a highlight from your Better Buddies year, we’d love to hear about all the great things you’ve been doing!

Better Buddies
Better Buddies