On Tuesday, 30 October 2012, students and teachers at Chilwell Primary School celebrated their involvement 2 - Chilwell Primary School celebrates success with Better Buddies and eSmartwith The Alannah & Madeline Foundation's two bullying prevention programs, Better Buddies and eSmart Schools.

Teachers and students have been actively participating in the Better Buddies Framework since the beginning of 2012.

Grade six teacher Catherine Burns explained the reasons for implementing Better Buddies and eSmart Schools at her school.

"The Better Buddies Framework teaches students to accept others and develop inclusive behaviours,” Catherine said.

“By implementing Better Buddies and eSmart Schools, we hope to achieve a whole-school focus on student cybersafety and gain greater awareness of proactive behaviours including caring for others, friendliness, respect, valuing difference, including others and responsibility.

"The grade five students have a prep buddy and complete activities using Buddy Bear, the mascot of the Better Buddies Framework, which coincides nicely with the eSmart Schools values of being smart, safe and responsible," she added.

Teachers have seen the older buddies become proactively involved in both Frameworks. A grade six student explained the activities he does with his younger buddy.

"The best thing about having a buddy is being able to think of fun activities that help my buddy learn about being a good friend. We do craft activities and read the Buddy Bear book and use our Buddy Bears as an example of how to be a good friend," the student said.

"When we use the computers we learn that talking to people online is like inviting a stranger into your home and you need to be careful. Computers are great, lots of fun and we always remember to stay safe," he added.

Since becoming an eSmart school in October, Catherine and the rest of the staff at Chilwell Primary School hope to continue their whole-school focus on cybersafety, and empower the students to be considerate, safe and knowledgeable citizens of the cyber-world.

Congratulations to Catherine and the Chilwell Primary School community for achieving this great milestone.

Picture: Chilwell Primary School students celebrating their achievement with Buddy Bear.

Better Buddies
Better Buddies