Celebrating 100 Better Buddies

Friendship Seats

In December this year, in partnership with The Department of Justice, we will install our 100th Better Buddies Friendship Seat in South-Eastern Metropolitan Region of Victoria. 

You can read more about the Friendship Seat project here.

To celebrate this milestone, here is a poem about what the Friendship Seat is all about, submitted by a teacher from St Patrick’s Primary School in Pakenham, Victoria.

In the shade of a tree
Is the Friendship Seat
It’s a place to wait
For friends to meet.

It’s not for a rest.
When it’s empty, that’s great.
It’s a welcome place
When you can’t find your mate.

If you’re sad or alone
And can’t find your smile
To the seat you can go
And wait a short while.

Then kids in the playground
We’re counting on you.
While you’re busy at play
Here’s what you can do.

Keep an eye on that seat.
When occupied you say,
‘No-one’s alone at St. Pat’s.
Come with us and play.’

1 - Celebrating 100 Better Buddies Friendship Seats

Better Buddies
Better Buddies