Bundalaguah Primary School

Bundalaguah Primary School is a small school situated between the towns of Maffra and Sale. In December 2013, the new Preps for 2014 came to visit their Year 5/6 Buddies for Orientation Day.

Viv West, Better Buddies Coordinator, Bundalaguah Primary.

"On their first visit, the little buddies were introduced to their big buddies. The Buddy Bears were presented to the preps by their big buddies to encourage a positive connection between them. They also had the opportunity to be involved in activities together, on each of their visits. These activities included outdoor games, making a Christmas card, creating a placemat for home with a photo of both big buddy and little buddy and general play.

We continue to have regular opportunities for the buddies to spend time together each week during activities such as buddy reading, co-operative games, a whole school spelling activity and help weekly. Because our school is small (total of 43 children), the buddies continually see each other in the playground and interact in games daily.”

Better Buddies
Better Buddies