Buddy Activities for Transition and Welcome 

We have put together a list of activities you can do in the classroom to ease the transition of the new buddies.

Buddy School Scavenger Hunt

Older buddies devise a list of important places and people in the school that their younger buddies need to know about. They then draw up a map and help their younger buddies find and label each person and place. It is useful to use symbols instead of words to help the younger buddies remember each thing. For eg. front office,bus stop, canteen, library etc.

Buddy Bingo

Use a human bingo card, and get older buddies to help their younger buddies find someone who matches all of the categories on their bingo card. This is a great way for older and younger buddies to find out more about one another, identify similarities and value difference.

Picture pairs

Buddy pairs work together to create a visual representation of their buddy. The older buddies lead the activity by asking a series of questions, such as “What is your favourite food/colour/sport?” Buddies can draw, collage or use a computer to find pictures of these things. They might arrange the images in the shape of their buddies’ hands, on posters or even bunting flags.

Buddy photo

Teachers can mark the first day of school by taking a photo of students in their buddy pairs. This might be in front of the classroom or a special backdrop that the students design. Of course, we encourage teachers to make sure all students have permission for their photo to be taken before completing this activity.

Buddy Story

Stories are a great way to relax any nerves younger buddies may have about starting school. Older buddies could choose their favourite picture books and, individually or in their buddy groups, read these books to the younger buddies and use them as a way to talk about school.

Better Buddies
Better Buddies