Aaron Blabey visits Santa Sabina College

Children’s author and ambassador for The Alannah & Madeline Foundation, Aaron Blabey, visited Santa Sabina College on Thursday 14 August, as part of a roadshow to schools across New South Wales and Book Week.

Aaron’s books celebrate diversity, friendship, inclusion and positive behaviour, which seamlessly fit with the Foundation’s core values of care, friendliness, valuing difference, including others, respect and responsibility.

"I am so proud to be an ambassador for The Alannah & Madeline Foundation. I've visited so many schools in the last couple of years and it never fails to move me when I see the very real impact the Better Buddies program has,” he said.

“My books are all about the importance of friendship and issues that little people face during their primary school years, so it’s especially wonderful to me to see the beautiful results of the Foundation's work first hand.” 

Sharon Portlock, Head of Primary at Santa Sabina College said she was delighted to have Aaron come to the school.

“Having Aaron come and visit us today was such a great treat, his books explore the important themes of diversity, self-esteem and friendship, which links perfectly into the values our buddies learn here at Santa Sabina College,” said Sharon Portlock, Head of Primary at Santa Sabina College. 

The students were also very excited to meet Aaron.

" When Aaron Blabey came to talk to year 5, I was very excited as I love Aaron Blabey’s books. They make me laugh and are smart and funny. My favourite is Sunday Chutney. It shows how you will always have a home, even if it is a different house.

The character, Sunday Chutney is a fun girl and she reminds me a lot of myself. Sunday Chutney is open-minded and is never sad about fitting in at school and having to change houses so often. She always looks on the bright side of life," said Lucy (Year 5 at Santa Sabina).

"I think the Aaron Blabey visit was very helpful because, listening to him read made me realise that I’m not using as much expression as I could when I read. As well, while I was listening to him, I was thinking of many different ways I could improve my writing skills. If I had to choose my favourite Aaron Blabey book, I would recommend Noah Dreay because it is really funny and it also shows a really important message – Don’t spend your time whinging, but rather make the most of your life," Rachelle (Year 4 at Santa Sabina). 

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Better Buddies
Better Buddies