Better Buddies Welcome is about getting buddies together regularly for different activities to develop their relationships.  It's 'getting to know our buddies'.

The Better Buddies Welcome is the first Key Event and takes place early in the school year at the time when the junior buddies commence school.  This event begins to establish the relationship between junior and senior buddies, with a focus on the junior buddy feeling safe and cared for within the school environment.  It is also an opportunity to inform your school community about Better Buddies.

Activities undertaken as part of the Better Buddies Welcome aim to bring buddies together for getting-to-know-you opportunities that will introduce the junior buddies to the senior buddies and help develop these crucial relationships.  Holding a Better Buddies Welcome is an excellent way to launch the Better Buddies Framework for the year and highlight the work your school is undertaking to create a friendly and caring school community. 

Like all Better Buddies activities, the form that the Better Buddies Welcome takes in your school depends on your school environment and your needs.  Just remember the focus of the Better Buddies Welcome is to support the junior buddies in their transition to school to ensure they feel welcome and safe and build familiarity with the school environment.

Better Buddies schools can find activities to try during their welcome on the 'Key Event' page. Just go to the 'Teachers' tab and log in to access this page.


Better Buddies
Better Buddies