Better Buddies at Castlemaine Primary School

Castlemaine Primary is involved in the Challenging Opportunities and Inclusive Leadership (COIL) Program. The older students in the school form groups, so that students can be involved in the structure, planning and implementation of strategies of the school, including Better Buddies. The school has created three groups - 'Big Buddies', 'Pixel Party' and 'Funky Fundraisers'. 

‘Big Buddies’ (the Buddy Leaders), plan, prepare and implement buddy activities in the school, including speaking to the students at the start and end of each session. 

The ‘Pixel Party’ meets with staff on a weekly basis to discuss cybersafety and other issues in the school. They then work out ways to include important information about these issues, in activities and disseminate information to the whole school. This group have planned cybersafety lessons for their buddies to incorporate into the eSmart program, that their school also run. 

The 'Funky Fundraisers', researched The Alannah & Madeline Foundation and held a purple day to raise funds for the Foundation.

The student group also organise activities for Mother’s and Father’s Day and a Christmas activity for Prep Orientation, to look after the new younger buddies.

Better Buddies
Better Buddies