Better Buddies and Bluearth at University Park Primary School

Story updated: 22/04/15

                 1 - Better Buddies and Bluearth at University Park Primary School

In 2015, University Park Primary School received special funding to combine Better Buddies with Bluearth in their school. Each Friday, older buddies participate in a wide range of physical activities, guided by their Bluearth coach.

They then use the skills and knowledge they've gained to teach the youngest students in the school new games and ways to stay physically active.

The older buddies are also currently planning a whole of community event in which students, staff, family and friends can come and participate in games and activities at the school.

Louise Dingley, Assistant Principal at University Park Primary School said that the program has encouraged her students to act collaboratively. 

"Our students are enjoying the program immensely but what is standing out for us, as teachers, is the fact that they are collaborating. Their cooperation in achieving a common goal has improved. In addition, the skills gained during the outdoor program are transferring into the classroom." 

Some students who participated in the program shared these reflections:

"Today we played a trusting game. It was fun" - Adelina, Year 3

"Today I learnt how to play sensibly with other people. I liked how I worked with other people" - Rebecca, Year 4

"Today we played 4 sense tag. I learned to sense people when they are near" - Alexander, Year 3  

"Today we played a trusting game. I also liked the memory game. I had fun today. I learned about trusting people" - Armin, Year 4

You can find out more about Bluearth by visiting their website.

Better Buddies
Better Buddies