Obligations for Better Buddies schools

In applying to become a Better Buddies school, your school is agreeing to:

  • Work with the school community and the Better Buddies Team to implement Better Buddies over an extended period of time.
  • Allocate a staff member as a Better Buddies Coordinator and contact person.
  • Inform the Better Buddies Team of changes to school contacts over time.
  • Keep in contact with the Better Buddies Team and provide information about your school's activities at least once a year.
  • Complete independent, online surveys through RMIT during each year.
  • Assist with media opportunities as appropriate.
  • Involve your NAB Buddy in Better Buddies activities and maintain a line of communication with them.
  • Provide direct supervision of your NAB Buddy when they visit the schools and ask if they have completed their Police Check or Working with Children Check.
  • Our school agrees to work with the Better Buddies Team to implement the Better Buddies Framework as outlined above.



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